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The person behind
the camera



You've had a look at the photos, checked out the prices and now you want to find out a little about who the photographer is - Hi, I'm Zara, Kiwi, queer friendly, adventure photographer. I've got 2 dogs and even more cats! Usually found down at the beach, painting the sunrise or picnicking with friends. 

After more than 4 years capturing weddings I have seen it all, nothing catches me off guard and I snap every moment just like it happened. I'll have you climbing trees and dancing in the rain, capturing every unique and beautiful moment.


If you're looking for a photographer with fancy equipment, big lights and overly posed photos, my style might not be the right fit for you-and that's totally okay! But, if you're down to capture the messy, unplanned sometimes crazy moments- I'm your person! 


Where did the passion for photography begin?


the passion began many years ago, as a child running around barefoot in Kerikeri, Northland. From the day I could hold my dads camera I hooked, nothing beats the feeling of getting that perfect shot and seeing the joy on peoples faces when they get to relive the moment through the photo. It still seems unreal that I've been blessed to have been doing this full time for coming up 5 years. It's been such an amazing experience so far, adventuring to new places and meeting awesome people.

This sound like abit of you? Send me a message and we can talk more about your plans, I can't wait to meet you!

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